Pure calcium hydroxide is one of the most effective materials to induce remineralisation of tooth and bone. Calcetin contains pure Calcium Hydroxide modified with a hydrophilic filler and plasticiser.

The high alkalinity of Calcetin (pH 12.5) induces formation of secondary dentine in cases of pulp exposure whilst exhibiting potent antimicrobial activity. Calcetin paste has been formulated to provide sustained release of Calcium Hydroxide allowing the rebuilding of calcified tissue.

Calcetin is indicated for ‎deep cavities and pulp exposures promoting the formation of secondary dentine. It can be applied to an exposure, left for a period, Calcetin stays workable and can be fully or partially removed.

Calcetin is presented as a 2g syringe of soft paste‎ with tips and is in stock and available now from Introdent.



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