In the 1980’s a G.D.P in Nashville Tennessee started applying Carbamide Peroxide using a vacuum formed tray after root planing.‎ Not only did it speed healing but he found it whitened teeth and a new treatment was born.

Omnii Oral Pharmaceuticals started marketing tooth whitening. Dental Life Sciences marketed that product in recent years. Now Dental Life Sciences have launched a new teeth whitening system of their own: RxWhiteSmile which comes
with a complete aesthetic marketing package where patient presentation and in-surgery marketing combine with an unbeatable price.

It’s time to take back tooth whitening from the beauty salons who are illegally practicing dentistry. The RxWhiteSmile starter pack enables any dentist to market this treatment in their practice at a very modest cost. Five patient kits plus associated marketing materials are available from Introdent at a modest cost of £80.00

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