According to The Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security the UK ranks 11th in ‘Sufficient & Robust Health System To Treat The Sick & Protect Health Workers’ 2019

Protect yourself and your staff from patient’s infections.

Covid-19 is an airborne virus. Research from the Institute of Medicine* has show than face masks alone offer limited protection against the transmission of viral respiratory diseases.

You need to take other steps to protect yourself. You ask every patient to sanitise their hands when entering the surgery but are you sanitising their mouths before you begin treatment?

RX Pre-Op was developed to do just this. RX Pre-Op contains chlorhexidine which is considered to be the gold standard among oral antiseptics killing oral micro organisms, spores and fungi viruses.

Traditional pink mouthwashes contain only Thymol** which studies have shown has a negligible effect on killing bacteria.

A single tablet of RX Pre-Op dropped in a cup of water effervesce‎s forming an active mouthwash for your patient to gargle prior to treatment – sanitising their mouths and protecting you and your staff from infections.

As the pandemic continues we need to be taking every precaution necessary to keep ourselves healthy so we can continue to work, run our businesses and service our patients.

RX Pre-Op offers that extra level of protection that dental professionals need.

Available exclusively at

RX Pre-Op 90 Effervescent tablets

ONLY £17.99 + VAT

* Preventing Transmission of Pandemic Influenza and Other Viral Respiratory Diseases (2010) []

** Antimicrobial activity of a chlorhexidine intravascular catheter site gel dressing –
Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 2011

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